Risky Business

Seeing monster bream in amongst the snags was common place on the final day for me at the ABT Grand Final.  Some of these fish were well over 40cm and some I suspect were over 50cm but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get them to bite.  I knew I needed a monster bag to even consider myself a chance for the top 20 and I fished accordingly.  I decided to upsize my Ecogear SX40’s to SX48’s on the premise that bigger baits catch bigger fish and fished an area that seemed to hold the bigger fish but in fewer numbers.

I would only get a few chances to land these fish but only if I could hook them and ensuring that my gear was up to the task was important.  I never have to worry about my rods and reels as these could handle anything a bream could throw at them, my biggest worry was the things I did.  The night before any tournament day, I go through a very distinct process.  I cut off any existing leader and tie on a fresh leader, I do this to reduce any chance of knots failing and to ensure that the leader material is in the best condition it could be.

The selection of lures isn’t just about shape, brand, colour or action but also about the hardware that actually hooks the fish.  I replace the trebles of all of my lures, its an expensive and time consuming exercise but I like to know that these lures will stick when bitten.

The fish I saw were massive and through a lack of concentration I missed my fair share.  I only had 5 or 6 chances but that’s all I needed.  I knew it was a high risk but potentially high reward strategy and unfortunately, this time, it didn’t pay off.

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