Learning to flycast – Part 1

I have been talking about learning to fly cast for Bream this summer for a few months now.  Josh has lent me a 5 weight fly rod and reel to learn with, I have read articles and watched videos on how to fly cast over the past few weeks.  The weekend just passed I had the chance to put all the theory into practice.

The main key points I picked up from articles and video were:

  • To have a relaxed “handshake” style grip
  • Don’t let your wrist bend
  • The rod tip needs to move in more of a straight line, rather than an arc
  • Each motion forwards and backwards needs to stop sharply


Coordinating all these basic points was more difficult than I had anticipated.  After about half an hour of casting and tips from Josh I managed to produce some relatively good short casts but struggled a little with timing when I had more than 25-30ft of line out.  A bit more casting practice and I might be ready to tie on some flies and catch some fish.

3 responses to “Learning to flycast – Part 1

  1. I am no expert but am learning to fly fish as well. I have caught 9 fish on fly (8 different species) but have not nailed a bream as yet. Had a few hit on surface fly but no hookup. When you are ready to tie on a fly check out the ultra shrimp by Bob Popovics should be deadly.
    Chris H

  2. Yeah I teach fly casting over here in the west. Have done so for over thirty years off and on, you’ve got it right in that the wrist has to be firm most of the time. I get my students to bring the casting hand through around shoulder level and watch it as you push the hand forward.that way you can see if you are casting with your forearm or your wrist. The forearm delivers more of a relaxed and efficient cast and is less tiring. The wrist comes into play at the last instant when you want to lay the fly and line out to complete the cast. That’s when you push the wrist down quick and fast. This power snap adds speed to the cast and straightens the line out. Properly executed the power snap really makes a difference. Hope this helps. Peter

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