Drop Shotter!

I’ve been persisting with the Drop shot setup over the past few weeks.  It hasn’t been successful like the pre fish at Mallacoota but still a technique which I think will have its place in certain circumstances.

The Sydney Harbour BETS round saw me throwing a Drop shot setup at the edges, between pontoons in Morrisons Bay.  With a tough bite, I thought an unweighted approach would provide some success but with the wind picking up, casting distance became a problem.  Unfortunately, the fish were just grabbing the tails.

A drop shot setup has allowed me to present an unweighted soft plastic in virtually any weather condition.  The appeal of unweighted presentations is obvious, a naturally presented lure, without the unnatural plummet to the bottom that comes with weighted presentations.

Drop shotting allows for a heavy weight (I use between 1/16oz to 1/4oz weights) to be attached below a hook.  The heavy weight anchors the line and allows for the soft plastic to float unweighted and unhindered above.  With the shake of the rod tip, the lure in turn shakes and stays above most snags, weed and other obstructions, while the weight is virtually snag resistant and can be dragged or bounced over structure.

Although there is a heavy weight at one end, Josh and I discovered in Mallacoota that it actually needs to be much heavier than normal applications and so far has worked most effectively in shallow water or when fish are sulking on the bottom in deeper water.

Josh has been using them for a few months now but the new Keitech Little Spiders look like a Sydney Harbour Bream killer.  Check out the video of both a drop shot setup underwater and the Keitech Little Spiders in action.

These new lures will be coming to Australia very soon!!!

4 responses to “Drop Shotter!

  1. Thanks Peter but I can’t claim the video as my own. I borrowed it from youtube, there are other Keitech videos demonstrating this technique and different lures.

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