Holiday Fishing in Mallacoota (Part 3)

Fishing in Mallacoota, over the New Years break, was a great experience for Greg and me, for a couple of reasons:

  • We had little understanding of the system and therefore had the challenge of working out where the fish were and how they would bite.
  • We normally fish for yellowfin bream, not black bream.  Black bream require a slight change in approach
  • It was 100% social fishing, no tournaments, no pressure, just fishing.
  • I was able to put my Daiwa Heartland Z Finesse Special and Certate 2004 to the absolute test when I hooked an angry looking Sting Ray in the shallows. 

One afternoon, Greg and I decided to go for a late afternoon fish past Gypsy Point.  We found the fish in the shallows, tight up against the banks.  On a subsequent cast, I hooked what I initially took to be a MASSIVE bream, as all I saw was a very long flash in the tannin stained water.  When the “bream” decided to stay down, not move at all and feel remarkably heavy, I knew that it had to be a sting ray but like other fish, when it woke up to the fact that I had hooked it, it took off like a rocket.

The Daiwa Certate 2004 has a 2kg drag and I reckon I used every last bit of that to finally land the sting ray.  When the Finesse Special loaded up, I could feel the blank flexing through the butt of the fishing rod and all of this was through a 5lb fluorocarbon leader.  All I have to say is that these rods and reels are amazing!

Greg was able to capture some footage, including some underwater footage through the murky water.  Check out the punishment the Daiwa Finesse Special took at various stages of the fight.

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