“The Game-Changer” – Yamaha VMAX SHO

“The Game-Changer” – That is how Yamaha are describing their new VMAX SHO (Super High Output ) 4 stroke outboard engine in the USA.

I have been keeping an eye on this engine for a number of months now, waiting to see if it shapes up to all Yamaha claim it is, so far there have been good reports with only a few minor issues which seem to have been resolved rather swiftly.

Personally I have owned and worked on all brands of outboard motors and to be honest, I’m not loyal to any particular brand.  Between Greg, Chris, Josh and myself we have owned Yamaha, Evinrude, Johnson and Mercury outboards all of which have served us well.  To say we have never experienced issues with any of these brands would be a lie, we have encounted small problems with all of these brands but for the amount of hours we put on these engines, you kind of have to expect that.

What initially grabbed my attention with this new Yamaha VMAX SHO engine was a statement from Yamaha Marine Group President, Phil Dyskow –

“With the VMAX SHO, Yamaha has done what everyone said couldn’t be done”…”We have a four-stroke that out performs two strokes in many ways and provides best-in-class acceleration.”

Only released late 2010 in the USA the Yamaha VMAX SHO is a 4 stroke outboard engine available in 200, 225 and 250 horsepower.   It has a massive displacement of 4.2 litres, claims to have 13% quicker hole shot than other two stroke competitors and weighs in at 229kgs (Thats the same weight as my current 225hp Mercury Pro XS only it’s a 4 stroke).  There are a lot of other more technical aspects of this engine which interest me and  I can only suggest that you check it out for yourself here and keep an eye out for when they hit Australian shores.  Only just being released in the USA now, I’ll certainly be watching these closely with 3 and a half years left on my current engine warranty.

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