Rainbows and smiles!

Forget trying to get a picture of Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster. Those are easy compared to getting Ian to smile in a fishing photo.  So you know when you see the photo of him with a big grin on his face that we had fun on our first trout fishing mission to Thomsons Creek Dam.

The four of us are very interested in finding new things to do. Bass, Barra, Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Sooty Grunter, Papuan Black Bass and Estuary Perch are high on our list and while the ones that are still in season can be caught the information we have been given is that we should wait for the back end of winter for some and into spring for others. So with one of the other Daiwa anglers we know doing quite well on the trout lately we decided to ride Potter’s coat tails a bit and hit up TCD.

TCD is a “trophy” trout dam just outside Lithgow making it a little over two hours away from us and is “Lure and Fly only” fishery (gee I wonder if we can pay someone to stand at the carpark and tell everyone they can’t fish because we are there) and no boats or kayaks are allowed.  So with all our winter clothing on and a few bumbags full of lures we made the kilometre walk from the carpark to the dam while watching two of the Seeto kids go ballistic at the site of frost and the idea that the temperature was below zero.

It didn’t take long at all (about 3 casts) before Ian was onto about a kilo and a half of Rainbow cartwheeling all over the water and I don’t think they had even finished taking photos of Ian’s fish when one of my first few casts was nabbed by it’s twin. Here we go I thought. This is going to be shooting fish in a barrel all day. And yes, you know what happens next, we didn’t get another touch. The wind dropped out and the fish went deep. On our way out though we stopped at a tiny little dam you walk past between the carpark and TCD and Anja and Tom had one last flick before home time. It’s great to see a kid like Tom cast, wind, hook and land a fish all on his own and his smile was almost as big as Ians.

Just like my first time fishing for Sooty Grunter, this has only whet my appetite for more from this dam and others like it and I expect you will see a few more Trout pics from us before winter is over.

One response to “Rainbows and smiles!

  1. And for the record……….. That is the queerest title ever given to an article and no I didn’t come up with it.

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