22lb PNG Black Bass – Video

We’ve talked about it, put up a few photos but so far haven’t really put any juicy details up. So here is our first video of our Papuan exploits.

Taken on a floating stickbait, this is one of 3 Papuan Black Bass we caught on our recent lureandfly.com trip to the Gulf Region of PNG with sportfishingpng.net

At 22lb, it was easily the biggest of the trip, testing our gear, and teamwork to extract it from the snags…  Most of the fight was spent on my bum or knees with a few rare moments on my feet.  Although it was a relatively short battle and fishing 80lb leader, I never felt like I had the upper hand and felt like this fish could break me at any time.

We caught the entire, frantic battle, including the surface explosion on film, and present it here, essentially unedited, except for the removal of a few choice words…

4 responses to “22lb PNG Black Bass – Video

    • Chaotic and exhilarating! We had gone 4 days without a bass, then we had a magical 20 minute period where we raised a couple on topwater, landed a couple… and then it all went quiet again…

      I was only a “little” jealous that Chris got the big one…

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