The rise of the metals (Blades)

I’m slow on the uptake, which is surprising, considering it’s a lure we’re talking about.  I’ve had metals pretty much since they started becoming popular for bream but I never really used them.  I won an event on Lake Macquarie as a Co-Angler using them and still resisted the use of these lures.

Now over the ABT round at St Georges Basin, I caught all four of my fish (I know, it’s a huge number) on metals, well an Ecogear VX40 in Black and Orange (Colour 445) to be precise but I do have to say, it was a pretty mind numbing way of getting through the hours.  From the outset I challenged myself to remain engaged for 7 hours each day, which worked out to be the best outlook on a very tough weekend but the subtle take called for a change in tactics.

Not casting at any significant structure ensured that I was never satisfied that I had worked an area thoroughly and could rule out fish being in any one spot.  I guess that’s the problem I see in fishing large, flat areas.  So fishing a lure that I was confident was suiting the bite best, also needed to instil confidence in me that it was actually working and that I was systematically covering ground.

I did cycle through a variety of metals and vibes until I settled on the Ecogear VX40.  Within that short time, I realised that one brand or size of lure would never satisfy an anglers blading (or any fishing) needs, what worked today may not be suitable for a slight change in the bite pattern of another day.

The subtle variations in action, was almost as subtle as the bite we were fishing.  The VX40 emits a slightly more pronounced vibration than the smaller VX35 and the difference between the ZX models versus the VX models was the missed bites, which I put down to the swinging hooks being too far from the body of the lure.

I also used an Impact Tackle Bladez and Daiwa Gekkabijin Vib3s for no success.  Each of these lures will have a successful time and place but for the structure, the bite and most importantly, my mood, the VX was the lure to suit the situation.

I have to say, I could never socially fish in the same manner as I did on that weekend, as the previously mentioned mind numbing nature of blading in 10ft of water drove me nuts and subsequently would have forced me to drive my co-angler nuts with my constant antics.

Now the message behind my ramblings is that the subtlest of bites might not only call for something as drastic as blading the same stretch of water for 2 days straight but also experimenting and changing lures to suit the mood of the fish but also the mood of the angler.

One response to “The rise of the metals (Blades)

  1. I can relate that to Ice Jigging! Whilst highly effective (to those who have mastered it) I drew no enjoyment from the technique. But I guess that is a part of the versatility required to be an angler at the top……………so when called on I will persist.

    Thanks for the write up!!


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