The “Megatop” Mega-test

Yup, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m pretty damn lucky to work where I do. I turned up to work to find a Japanese shipment had come in and even while they were still on the pallet and wrapped in packing plastic I could see something I was going to be interested in.

STZ 681ULXS-ST was not a code I was familiar with but I immediately knew it was a Steez, 6’8″, 1 piece, Ultra Light, Extra Fast Taper, Spinning, Solid Tip rod and even a general description like that was exciting. I found out an hour later that it was actually the third sibling to two other rods that impressed me, the “Feral Kat” and the “Super Skyflash”. Introducing the Steez “Amraam”. Rated for 2-5lb and casting weights of 1/64 to 1/8th oz. casting weights it will be a beautiful rod at the ultra light end and I suspect will be suitable for a range of applications.

 First up, I have no idea where any of those names come from and while the first two make some sense, Amraam means nothing to me. I do however suspect that all the letters from all three names must make an anagram of something funny. “Aerate ass flask afar lymph murk” perhaps? Can anyone leave a better one in the comments section?

Once again, I digress in to my own weird thoughts. The long and the short of it is that the team have been lucky enough to get our hands on all three of these Megatop rods and with a tournament this weekend we have decided to do the “one rod challenge” on the weekend. Basically three of us are going to use one of these rods each for the entire day on the water and then review them next week with all the technical information about them, how they performed on the water, what techniques they are suited to and everything else you could want to know about them.

Keep an eye out next week. But if you can’t wait that long check them out at the Daiwa website

4 responses to “The “Megatop” Mega-test

  1. These are air to air missle names.
    Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM)
    British medium-range radar-guided missile based on the AIM-7E2 (Skyflash)

    Not sure about the Feral Kat though, might be about a cartoon.

  2. Damn, I really wish there was a missile or bomb called a feral kat/cat now. That would have been so bad-ass.

    • So far, I only used it that one time because work needed it back. It was an awesome rod for casting light hardbodies but from memory I didn’t actually hook any fish on it that day as we ended up blading the deeper water (which is something we almost never do). I’m going to try and grab it again and do some more fishing with it and do a full report.

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