Have a plan. Know the plan. And most importantly, know when to dump that plan and run with what’s working

It’s just one of those things I guess. But no matter what kind of fishing you do whether it’s bait or lures, social or tournament, you need a plan. You’ve probably read it here a hundred times but as important as having one is you need to know when to dump it and go with something else.

Mike Iaconelli calls it “fishing in the moment” and I think Ian and I did a pretty good job of it on the weekend. NEWS FLASH! All of us at Lureandfly.com love fishing hardbodies at structure and after a fish the weekend before Ian and my plan was to stick to the upper Parramatta river and do just that. The tide was perfect, we knew the fish were in the area, no problems right?

Now I don’t know quite what possessed Ian to pick up a rod with a metal blade rigged on it and throw a “speculator” (Lureandfly.com lingo for a cast into the middle of nowhere) away from the bank into the middle but he was rewarded with an undersized fish immediately. I kept working the bank with a Baby Crank and a few minutes later Ian’s onto another undersize. A few casts later and Ian is again on, this time to our first legal fish and a good one at that. At this point I haven’t had a touch and Ian is three nil up. Needless to say I pick up a rod with a blade on it and in no time I’m onto our second legal, another good fish.

For a while we chopped and changed, one of us fishing a crank at the rocky bank and the other banging away in the middle of nowhere and catching fish but eventually we were both blading the deeper water and filled our bag by about 9.30am.

To tell the truth, I don’t quite know what the fish were doing there. I suspect they were hanging close to the secondary drop off and as we floated down on the shallow side we were pulling the blades right to where they were sitting and BINGO.

In the end it was another one of those lessons you learn from spending time on the water. Neither Ian or I would claim to be good at fishing blades in deeper water but that’s what the fish wanted that day and we could have easily ignored the cues the fish were giving us and kept on with our “plan” and caught nothing using a technique we are very confident with and could almost claim to be pretty good at.

Lesson learned. Let the fish tell you what they want because you’re never going to be able to tell them to do what you want.

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