Black Label Rods: Breaking news!

At we have been lucky enough to have access to the Black Label series of rods and right from the start the concept of these rods appealed to us. The actual rod blank is a smidge below Steez quality but rather than dressing them up with all the bling that makes a $700 rod they have been kept quite simple and functional (a bit like Chris) and made to be a top quality rod at a much better price point.

The only thing so far has been stock has been limited and while we got some advance shipments to play with, if you wanted to buy one it would have been hard to find so far.

Well, I walked into work this morning and there are pallets and pallets of Black Label rods all over the warehouse most of which will probably go out to stores in the next few days. So now you will be able to go have a sqizz at your local tackle store and make your own judgement.

2 responses to “Black Label Rods: Breaking news!

  1. Hi,
    Did you have the chance to play with the black label versatile series? What is the difference between both Versatile and Technical? and lastly, is Versatile more suitable for soft plastic fishing anf Techical more on to hardbodies?

    • Hi Matthew,

      I’ve had a chance to play with both the UL versatile and the UL technical now and I love them both for their specific uses. The UL versatile has a much slower taper and suits hardbodies or stick minnows or anything with small trebles. I haven’t used it for topwater yet but it would work a treat with smaller ones. The technical has the fast taper and cork grips for the greatest “feel” through the rod and is my go to for blades or Gekkabijin vibes and soft plastics. Everybody who has been using these rods has been loving them and I’ve had two separate, very good anglers in the fishing industry comment on how much they like them.

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