DIY – Hobie Pro Angler GoPro mount

GoPro mounted to Hobie Pro Angler mounting board

Previously I had made a bracket to mount my Sanyo Xacti to the Hobie Pro Angler.  Apart from the GoPro Chest Harness, I had no way of using my GoPro whilst out kayaking until this weekend just passed.  My mission was to mount my GoPro in a position where I can hopefully capture some good footage and images.

Hobie Pro Angler - GoPro point of view

The GoPro Motorsport Hero comes with a stack of mounting options but they all need a smooth surface for the double sided adhesive and suction cup mounts.  Keeping in mind the Pro Anglers have replaceable mounting boards on the side, I decided that I would modify one of the GoPro mounting brackets and secure it to the mounting board.  Not only does this seem to be an ideal position to mount the GoPro but the holes created by attaching the mount can be rectified by replacing the mounting board at a later date if required.

The way the GoPro quick release mounts work, it was necessary for me to countersink the screws flush with the top of the mount as you can see in the photos.  After I had decided on the mounting point it quite easily took less than 10 minutes to install.  Now I just need to get out on the water and test it out.

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