Lure Junkie – Maria Crank 38D

The success of lures like the Jackall Chubby and Atomic Hardz Crank 38D have attracted the attention of lure makers the world over.  A worthy competitor in the hunt for the angler’s dollar is the Maria Crank 38D.  These baits are another 38mm deep diving crank bait that I first received around 12 months ago.  It has only been of late that these little lures have really got a run.

Maria Crank 38D
Type Crank Bait
Material Plastic
Colours 6
Size 38mm
RRP $13.95 from

Did it catch fish?

This lure had a knack for catching bigger fish in testing, this is a good thing but the flip side is, I had a lot of missed bites.  I believe that this is due to the wider body shape, making it difficult for smaller fish to get their mouths around the lure.

What has worked best?

I’ve tried fishing these lures on my typical crank bait setup of 2-3lb fluorocarbon straight through and will continue to do so but the subtle action that these lures emit was barely noticeable on the retrieve.  When compared to other successful crank baits, these lures had to be retrieved faster to maintain the “action” of the lure and also maintaining contact.  Switching to a braided setup helps but increases the chance of pulling the small hook points out of the mouth of a fish.  This can be combated with fishing a slower actioned, sensitive rod like the Daiwa TMX-G 702ULFS or Spellbinder 702ULFS.

Back to the action of the lure, you might be thinking “Just because you can’t feel it, it might still be working” and you’re right but for me but fishing crank baits is about feel and and a reaction bite and is purely about confidence in most cases for me.

Like most crank baits, best retrieves for this lure are a straight slow roll, with the limitation of the subtle action, adjusting the retrieve speed is difficult but the added advantage of being a “bigger” fish lure, fishing this while power fishing (when fishing fast and aggressively while searching for a reaction bite) may be just what the doctor ordered.

Final Thoughts

I had high hopes for this lure to compete with the Deep Diving Jackall Chubby and the lure does get down to over 6-8ft.  It’s subtle action calls for a much faster retrieve to maintain contact with the lure but isn’t an issue when targeting bigger, active fish due to it’s wide body.

Like many lures, the Maria Crank comes standard with Owner ST36 Trebles in size 12, which I retrofit for the Gamakatsu TWG in size 12 for a better hook set.  I’ll keep rotating this lure through my collection as it has accounted for tournament fish in the last 6 months.

Maria Crank 38D

Construction/Quality Solid little lures that represent great value.  Limited but good selection of colours 8
Performance Subtle action, not as defined as it’s nearest crank bait competitors 6
Price Exceptional value when compared to it’s nearest competitor, the Jackall Chubby 9
Features Deep diving depth(4-8ft) 8
Design (Ergonomics) Wide bubble shaped crank bait with tendency to miss little fish but hook big fish 8
Application Best suited to power fishing in the 4-8ft depth range 7

Total Score

The Good (Pros) The Bad (Cons) The Ugly (Lure Junkie Suggestions)
Great Value Subtle Action Initially fitted with Owner ST36 Trebles
Deep Diver – Competes with the Jackall Chubby Larger body, reducing hook ups Lacks the true crank bait action

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