Black Bass – The aftermath – Part 2

You can read part 1 of this series here

Personal Gear

It may seem strange that you’d even consider the type of personal gear that you’d take to PNG to chase Black Bass but on arrival to Sydney International Airport, when checking in, we were at risk of a hefty “overweight” charge ($22/kg) on our luggage.  Loaded up with our rods, reels, lures, hooks and camera gear, we were pushing the upper limits of the weight limit and the patience of the check in staff.

The amount of mosquitoes buzzing around the mangroves could potentially end in a very uncomfortable trip.  Loaded up with a couple of tubes of 80% DEET Bushman insect repellent meant that we were able to fish in relative comfort.  Don’t forget a can of spray repellent too, this can be used to spray on your clothes as the mozzies WILL bite through around your knees and shoulders of your pants and shirt, especially the shoulder on the side that holds your rod.

Take a couple of Buffs, these proved invaluable as protection against the sun, improving visibility (less light entering behind our sunnies) and helping with the mozzies.  More than one buff means that rotating between days results in a less smelly experience.

Long pants/shirts are a must for sun protection and again help with the mozzies.  Take light fishing jerseys like the Daiwa, Hobie and versions that we use, they are great in the heat and humidity of PNG.

Don’t take too many clothes, Kori from Sport fishing PNG will organise for any clothes to be washed as part of the service.  Take a couple of travel laundry bags to put your washing in and take less clothes and more fishing gear!

You’ll generally fish around locals, who are the traditional owners of the river systems.  Take some shirts, hats, stickers, lollies or something similar that you can give away, as they’ll really appreciate your deeds and will sometimes source live bait (if you would rather live bait, than cast or troll), coconuts, prawns, crabs or other seafood in return.  Giving to the locals was definitely a highlight of my trip as they are very friendly people and are more than accommodating and grateful for any gifts.

You’ll be fishing long days, getting up at 5am and getting back to the lodge around 6 of an evening, you won’t need much entertainment as you’ll be begging for more fishing time or more sleep.

4 responses to “Black Bass – The aftermath – Part 2

  1. If you are flying out of Brisbane Airport with Air Niugini they will allow an additional 15kg baggage allowance per passenger for sporting equipment.

    • Unfortunately they don’t consider fishing gear as sporting equipment or at least didn’t at the time we were checking in. The guys at Sport Fishing PNG were in discussions with Air Niugini to fix that up, so hopefully the next trip won’t have that worry!

    • Dale – I’d advise you double check before your trip again in October. I remember you telling me about the extra 15kg allowance, but I believe there have been some changes to their rulings. they now only consider items such as scuba gear, golf clubs and surf boards as sporting equipment. We only avoided the excess luggage charges because I had rung the Air Niugini office to clarify prior and the duty manager at the airport was feeling generous… Greg

      • I rang Air Niugini before posting this the other day. They confirmed that Brisbane do allow it however he couldn’t confirm if any other airports would, he did say fishing equipment was included. I know Riccard from Baia and the SF PNG guys are trying to have it changed back to how it was a couple of years ago.

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