Yeah Baby! …I’ll Take Ya Fishing

What a privileged life I’m living at the moment!

Continuing my year of fishing firsts… Black Bass, Black Marlin and Barramundi in PNG, I’ve just confirmed a 5 day trip to the Northern Territory, sight casting to cruising barra on the flats, with local guide Steve Goodhew from  I’ll Take Ya Fishing Charters .

Well just about every fisho I know loves the idea of sight casting to their target species. Frankly, I’m convinced it doesn’t matter if it’s for Bream or Whiting, Trout or in this case Barra.

Steve specialises in this kind of fishing, and after talking to him, I’ve had my head filled with stories of huge catch rates. On top of this, he’s a light tackle junkie as well.  I’ve been told that I’m going to have a ball using my “Heavy” bream gear to chase down some of these brutes…

Sound like fun?  Well wait, there’s more.  The accommodation for this trip is a live aboard mothership!

This is what dreams are made of!

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