Fishing rods are my weakness! Black Label SSS 6011ULXS…the long and short of it

Straight up, Daiwa did two things in the design of the Black Label SSS 6011ULXS, that I love.

First, the cork grip – No matter how many rods I have (and it’s pushing past 30 nowadays), I still have a preference for rods with cork grips.  Be it old fashioned, but I just prefer the feel of cork in the hand.

Second, it’s only 6 foot. In recent years, there’s been a big push in Bream fishing rods for sticks that are 7 foot and longer.  Try finding a 6 footer off the shelf, there just aren’t that many around.

A major contributor to this trend has to be the popularity of flats fishing, and the casting distance that can be attained from these longer rods. Makes sense really, the longer the cast you can make, the more chance of catching those lure shy, finicky fish. Pick up a regular actioned, 7 foot 6 inch rod and see just how far you can punch out a 3g lure, especially on light fluorocarbon lines.  The soft action of the rod is also great for cushioning the surges from a fish and fighting it to the boat. The flipside you ask?  Long, soft rod equals reduced casting accuracy and pulling power.

So pick up a Black Label SSS 6011ULXS and what do you notice?  It’s light, sensitive and it’s really fast.  As much as I love fishing crankbaits, and I have my fair share of regular actioned crankbait rods, I do my fair share of fishing around tight structure – marinas, pontoons and boats.

We all know that landing your lure on “the spot”, in the deepest, darkest crevices of the structure, is sure fire way to increase your chances of hooking fish, but is also a high risk affair with reduced probability of muscling the fish out of the cover.

A fast, crisp, 6 foot rod, like the Black Label SSS 6011ULXS, that loads into a powerful butt section, provides so much more accuracy when you’re skipping or pitching lightweight plastics under piers and docks, and around boat hulls, as well as superior fish fighting capabilities around tight structure.

Designed as a “contact” rod, you can feel everything through the super sensitive tip – even the slightest vibrations or the “tick” of the take of a sinking stick minnow or unweighted plastic fished on a slack line.

It’s no secret that I have always had a preference for shorter rods, but with a blank designed using the same high performance technology and high end styling as the Steez range, incorporating quality components, yet priced sub $300, this rod represents great value for money.

Daiwa Black Label SSS 6011ULXS Specs:

Model Type Length Sections Action Taper Cast Weight Recommended Line
SSS 6011ULXS Spin 6’1’/1.85m 1 Light Extra Fast 1/48 – ¼oz 2-8lb

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One response to “Fishing rods are my weakness! Black Label SSS 6011ULXS…the long and short of it

  1. G’day Greg,
    Your article is spot on regarding the new surge in longer rods. Like you I have collected a range of rods by now and among them are a couple of 6 footers which I don’t use as much as I used to.
    I am thinking of putting them back into service this summer to skip plastics and surface fizzers up under mangroves and overhanging trees.
    The black label rods have appeared here at Port Tackle recently and look good.
    Just as an aside I am so pleased with the gekkabijin reel I own that I now have a second for my hard body/ flourocarbon fishing.
    Craig Ainsworth.

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