Lessons in the art of… fishing

Is fishing a sport? If it is, why don’t we have coaches?

It’s a question that I’ve asked myself over the course of the last few years.  I know for a fact that my development as a fisherman would have been fast tracked, had I have had a coach to instruct and guide me.

Instead, the countless hours on the water muddling and experimenting have been my training ground.  Trial and error guiding me to the techniques that I use today.

Now, when I fish with my kids, I actually don’t fish anymore.  I figure they’re there to learn, and I devote my full attention to assisting them.  With their short attention spans, the more success they have catching fish, equates to the more fun they have, and the more times they want to go out fishing with me. This approach has been really successful, and all my kids, even my 4 year old, now are fairly proficient.

Where am I going with this?  Recently I fished with a mate of mine, Anja’s soccer coach to be precise.  His tuition has been instrumental in her development as a player.  Tony’s been fishing with me a few times now, and he’s quite knowledgable, and more than capable. What he lacks are the fine details in the techniques.

He’s caught bream on crankbaits before, but not with consistent success.  Well they say that the best way to teach someone, is to show them how to do it, right?  I’d say that’s only half the equation.

After showing him how to do it, I attempted my best Mr Miyagi impersonation, put down my rod, and actually coached him for half an hour, talking him through minor adjustments in his technique.  “I say, you do, no questions…” Things like speed of retrieve, angle of the rod tip, where to cast, and why we were casting there.

When he hooked up during this lesson, you can only imagine my satisfaction.  Tony’s words were… “isn’t it great when you work on a plan, execute it, and it all pays off”!

Sounds like the words of a soccer coach to me.

One response to “Lessons in the art of… fishing

  1. My dad was my coach in the early years whereas these days, I’m always learning from mates or fellow anglers. I suppose there are plenty of coaches out there in the form of fishing guides, but to regularly invest in ‘coaching lessons’ would burn a whole in the pocket! Can’t wait to coach my little man…

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