The Monday Morning Gallery – 12 Months of

This Thursday marks the first anniversary of Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the success of the site.  Here’s a photo gallery that summarises our year…

10 responses to “The Monday Morning Gallery – 12 Months of

  1. Congrats guys. It’s been great reading your posts and looking and the great photos. You guys have been informative, enthusiastic and post regularly. Look forward to many more years and success for the site. Any chance those long sleeved shirts will be made avaliable to the public? They’d go great on the water this summer

    • Hi Peter,
      Thanks for the kind words. We can have one of the shirts made for anyone who may be interested. Send me an email ( and we can organise one for you.

    • Thanks for the feedback Robert. We’ve had a lot of fun with the site, particularly the media components.
      cheers, Greg

  2. Congratulations to everyone involved in on first 12 months. I have looked forward to reading all the posts everyday since subscribing and hope to read many more in the future. Job Well Done

    • Hi Michael – funny thing is we’re coming up to 2 years! The site has really exceeded all of our expectations and is taking us places we never expected! There’s some really cool stuff on the horizon for

  3. Well done on the 1 year birthday of lure and fly. I love reading your guys blog and have picked up quite a few things from your articles and improved so much. Cant wait for the new stories!

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