Springtime Aussie Salmon (Words & Pictures by Stewie Dunn)

Its that time of year again where the ocean is switching back to its summer patterns and the baitfish and pelagics like Australian salmon, kingfish and bonito are showing up in numbers.

On sunday i headed out with a couple of good friends Leigh and Andrew in our hobie kayaks to see if there were any pelagics about. It didn’t take long to find out. As we rounded the first headland we stumbled across a boiling mass of yellowtail and about 100m away another boiling mass of fish on the surface, this time it was Australian salmon.

Leigh and I decided to throw lures into and around the yellowtail school in hope of finding a kingfish or two  while Andrew cast massive plastics on worm hooks at the salmon and was having a ball watching big salmon chase down his lure on the surface before absolutely smashing it (often right beside the kayak).  Leigh and I had no joy from the yakka school so we joined in on the salmon fun.

Some days its just too easy and the fish respond to any lure. Today was one of those days. Andrew fished the surface with sluggo’s, Leigh fished down a little deeper by twitching a squidgy flick bait amoungst the school and I was using 3 1/2 inch mylar minnows and ripped them back through the school after letting them drop a meter or two. All of us were catching fish and we were catching way more than anyone around us.

The only thing I can really put our extra catches over the other people fishing the school was the fact that being in the hobies we could follow the fish around with ease and do so without making any noise. I don’t think we spooked the school once but a few boats certainly did.

The action was non stop for a few hours with double and triple hook ups being the norm. Leigh managed one lone rat kingfish from admist the salmon school before a school of dolphins came through sent the salmon packing, not that we cared, its always nice to paddle around with some dolphins and our morning had been a ball.

Stewie Dunn

Stewart Dunn, or Stewie, as he is better known, is an amazing kayak angler who spreads himself around hunting different species.  A member of the Hobie Fishing Pro Team, much of Stewie’s success in the tournament scene has been based on his Bream skills, but he also enjoys chasing Jewfish, Snapper and Kings out of his Pro Angler.

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