Lure Junkie – Atomic Crank Deep PML colours

I’m not going to do my usual review of the Atomic Crank because I’ve covered it off here before.  What I will do is say I’m pretty damn excited about the new Dan Stead “pimped” Atomic Crank Deeps.  With Dan receiving a handful of blank versions of the Atomic Crank Deep, Atomic Crank Mid, Atomic Bream Shad Deep and Atomic Bream Shad Shallow from the guys at Frogleys Offshore, he has set to work in creating his own little master pieces.

The combination of one of my favourite lures with the original lure “pimper” himself can only mean an awesome new lure colour selection and a reason to go buy as many of these limited edition puppies as my wallet will let me.

The Atomic Crank Deeps in the new “pimped” colours look amazing and will most certainly be a hit this summer on your favourite piece of fish holding structure.  The great thing about the Atomic range and Dan Stead, is the totally reasonable selling price of $18.95.  The news I have is they are a limited edition, so you better get in quick (I got mine from

Atomic Crank Deep PML Colours
Type Crank Bait
Material Plastic
Colours 4 brand spanking new colours
Size 38mm
 Price  $18.95 from

One response to “Lure Junkie – Atomic Crank Deep PML colours

  1. G’day Chris,
    I like the look of the scaled pattern versions ( top two examples in the photo). They would catch me in a tackle shop.

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