turns 1! is officially 1 today.  12 months ago, we posted our first article and it all went from there.  Our little slice of 1’s and 0’s have been home to articles, photos, videos, reviews and ramblings and doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon.

Starting from that initial “brain fart”, we now have over 230 published articles and plenty more in the bank, a couple of galleries and a few videos.  It’s been hard work but certainly has been rewarding.

What we’ve got planned:

Well, short term, we hope that up to date coverage of the inaugural Hobie Worlds, Hobie/Daiwa Grand Final, Skeeter Classic and Daiwa Bream Grand Final will satisfy you tournament junkies out there.

We’ve got a full summer of kayaking, fishing and hopefully catching some species for the warm days ahead.  We’ll capture video, images and write a few words of our days in the sun.  Josh has been nagging us to get a couple of “boys” weekends away to catch some fish out of the Hobies.

Next winter, you’ll see us head back to PNG to wrangle some more Papuan Black Bass and maybe a few Barra, we’ll also spend some time chasing Australian Bass, the humble bream (but only if we have to) and any other light tackle species which will pull a little bit of drag.

We’re in the midst of planning an online magazine, maybe a new style of fishing tournament, more photos, more video, more product reviews for Daiwa, Hobie and anyone else who will send us stuff plus more articles.  We’ve added some “fresh meat for the grinder” to tell us their stories and hope that you will find a few nuggets of information to take away.

So stay tuned!

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