Act on a hot tip! (Story & Photos by Marcel Krieger)

Honourary Seeto, Marcel Krieger, tells us his story of a recent trout trip to Lake Bolac.

Last week I received a hot tip from local VFM contributor and Daiwa sponsored angler Mark Gercovich that the trout action was hot at Lake Bolac and like nothing he had seen.


Over Summer, much of Western Victoria received record rain fall and water storages that had been dry for so long were once again full.  About 10 months ago rainbow trout were stocked into Lake Bolac and it has amazed everyone how fast these fish have grown, munching on the huge schools of bait.

Attending the Humminbird VIC BREAM round at the Hopkins River, Warrnambool meant that Wayne Friebe, the Victorian Ecogear rep and I had to act on Gerka’s hot tip and drive the hour to Lake Bolac to experience this for ourselves. Launching at the concrete boat ramp with jetty, we set off on the troll in about 2.2 metres eagerly watching the sounder. I had a Daiwa Dr. Minnow lure in orange and gold out and Wayne had a Nories Laydown Minnow.  All of this on our bream gear with 8lb leader.

It wasn’t long before we came over a bait school and looked out the back waiting for the action to happen and it did.  These rainbows are approx 4-7lb and take off like freight trains often leaping out of the water.

Two fun hours passed and with birds working the surface it reminded me of pelagic action up North.  Several other boats got in on the action, some with young children.  What a way to experience fishing fun with the family.

Keeping a few for the smoker, these fish are a delicacy and were enjoyed by the boys back at Warrnambool Holiday Park. The sweetest taste was however, the fact that we acted on a hot tip and experienced some awesome fishing that the Lakes of Western Victoria can once again produce.

Marcel is the Victorian Territory Manager for BLA and friend of  Previously working for the ABT, Marcel has travelled to plenty of the fishy parts of Australia to run the bream, bass a barramundi tournaments.

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