DIY – Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are cleaning up your boat after a long season of tournaments or you are cleaning it up ready to hit the waterways this summer, this latest tip along with my previous article about carpet stain removal, may just help you tidy up your dirty, hard to clean carpet.

I have been through the trial and error process, out to find a product I can use to clean my entire boat carpet.  The stain removal product I have recently written about is fantastic for spot removal but not to try and clean the whole boat.  I had a light bulb moment about 12 months ago when I was washing a load of nappies one weekend.  Basically my thoughts were: Napisan + watering can + scrubbing brush.  Could this be my solution?  There was only one way to find out.  To test that it wouldn’t damage the carpet or colouring I mixed up a solution of Napisan and wet down half of the inside of one of my rod lockers, scrubbed, hosed and vacuumed dry.  With no visual change to the carpet or colouring I set out to work on the deck of the boat.  The end result was quite impressive as it actually cleaned up some darker patches on the carpet, which weren’t really enough to worry about with the stain remover.

If you’re going to give it a go, make sure you try it on an inconspicuous area such as the inside of a rod locker or storage compartment first and make sure you check back soon because I also have another tip to make your carpet fluffy and soft like the day it was new.

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