Coming Soon….Phoenix Bass Boats

Phoenix Bass Boats are a relatively new competitor to the Bass Boat scene, initially communicating their intentions to enter the market of high performance bass boats in the United States back in late 2007.  Phoenix’s claim was to “produce top-of-the-line bass boats with special attention to customer service”.  I have been following these boats online in the USA for some time and although I have never seen one in the flesh, from all reports, Phoenix have delivered.

In 4 years Phoenix have developed and are now producing 5 different models of these full composite construction bass boats ranging from 18’6” through to 21’6”, the larger models capable of engines up to 250hp.  Phoenix boats boast an array of standard features including an aluminium fuel tank, heaps of storage, 2 completely independent livewells and their Diamond V hull design but the features that really grab my attention are:

  • Completely enclosed consoles.  Not only does this eliminate the problem of wires hanging down but in the Australian Bream scene in particular where we use these boats in the saltwater, these consoles should work to our advantage keeping the salt moisture away from the wiring and electronics.
  • A removable dual console, which literally takes less than 30 seconds to install or remove.  For me, the ability to do this would be a plus as I am happy having my dual console for my passenger in the winter but it does reduce your movement around the boat and come summertime when the cold air in your passengers face isn’t such an issue, I could definitely find myself removing the second console if I had the option. 
  • Net storage under the fuel tank keeping the front deck clear.
  • LED snake light in the centre hatch for those mornings when you’re loading your tackle into the boat or rigging up in the dark before a tournament.
  • The ability to flush mount sounders in the console and at the bow keeping the appearance of the boat tidy. 
  • Port side rod box and ramp, allowing the passenger to store their rods comfortably.
  • Enough storage to satisfy someone like Chris, the resident ‘tackle junkie’ of by the way of 7 x 3700 series Plano’s, 10 x 3600 series Plano’s and 2 x large storage boxes in the centre storage compartment with space for another 13 x 3600 series Plano boxes in the front ‘rotary tackle storage system’. This doesn’t even include the rod lockers and additional storage hatches in the rear deck.

I encourage you to take a look at the Phoenix Bass Boat site here, including the short videos that are up showing the ‘Plant Interview’ as well as the other special features of Phoenix boats.  Once you have seen them online, it won’t be long until you can see one or three Phoenix boats in the flesh because I am really excited to say that I have heard whispers that three Phoenix boats are actually coming into Australia very very soon and I’ll finally be able to see one and hopefully ride in one myself.

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