Daiwa T3 test run

As you may know I have an affinity for baitcast gear. I own a lot of it but don’t get to use it as much as I would like. One of the first things I wrote for Lureandfly.com was about a chance to do just that which you can find here.

Unfortunately, due to many other commitments I haven’t done any fishing for close to 2 months now with the last 3 weeks being especially infuriating due to the fact that I was so close to the action and didn’t get to wet a line at all. So the time of year has come around again where Windamere will start to fire for big Yellowbelly and the Hawkesbury/Nepean has already started firing for Bass. I have been fortunate enough to get a lend of one of the new T3’s off Brad and got to give it a run on the past weekend on the Nepean chasing Bass and should hopefully get to give it the Yellowbelly treatment soon.

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen and heard about Daiwa’s T3 long before it was public knowledge and was probably one of the first people outside Japan to have pulled one apart and looked at the fine detail of how it was made. For those that don’t know, the T-wing idea really is a revolutionary one. An “out of the box” idea that when first described was hard to picture but once I saw a visual representation made perfect sense. Basically, the line  guide on a baitcast reel is one of the limiting factors in the casting ability of a reel and the root cause of a lot of backlashes. If you have the line guide all the way to one side the line has to come off the spool from the far side at very high speed at a bad angle. If you are lucky and the line guide is dead centre of the worm drive when you go to cast, it still has a slight angle twice as often.

With the T3 system, when the thumbar is depressed it lifts a gate that lets the line run through the top part of the “T”. When engaged the gate lowers to track the line onto the spool the same as always. The net result is that the T wing in the worst position is better than a normal line guide in the best position.

Add to that the body is made of saltwater safe Zaion which means it can be used in a lot of places I wouldn’t be prepared to use my Steez or Pixy for fear of the Magnesium frame melting in my hands from the salt and it look as though it will be a popular baitcater along with the T3 Ballistic which will be it’s lower price point cousin.

So how did it actually go? Well after using it this past weekend, I love it. I use baitcast gear whenever possible for the casting accuracy and fish controlling benefits and the T3 certainly shines in the casting department. Whether you have a fairly “educated thumb” or a “Chris’ ham fist” when it comes to a baitcaster, the T-wing system will help you be a better caster which equates to more fish hooked, especially in pressured places like the Nepean where 6 inches really can make the difference between a bite or not. Once the sun got up and I started parallel casting the outside of the weedline, the T3 also did very well with it’s distance casting task. I am probably a little backwards but I actually prefer to turn the breaking system up in open water and put a lot more “vegemite” into the casts and let the Magforce 3D do the work.

As I mentioned in the Monday morning video, the fact that you can engage the reel instantly when swapping hands after casting and not having to pull that perfect cast out of position while your lure sink into the strike zone by turning the handle to engage. About the only thing bad about that is when you put the T3 down and pick up your regular reels, they don’t do that.

All in all I would definately give the T3 the thumbs up and I imagine the T3 Ballistic would be exactly the same.

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