2012 Aus Open run up

It may seem like a long way away but it really isn’t that far off and with every weekend around this Christmas / New Year period being at a premium, the truth is I may not get on Sydney Harbour between now and the prefish ban which I believe starts on New Years Day (I could be wrong on that).

For those of you that have been following Lureandfly.com from the early days will know that we did a lot of coverage up to and during the Aus Open last year. The format was changed last year to make it what I would say in my opinion is the premier Bream event in Australia. Set over three days and run as a single angler event it has much in common with the Bassmasters event run in the USA. Whilst some didn’t like the change from a team style event which in my opinion is a very saturated market these days, and others wanted a boater / non boater style event, the Aus Open is the only comp of it’s kind being a one angler in the boat with an observer placed with them fishing for their best 5 bag over three consecutive days. To my thinking this makes it a unique event on the calender and one that the Seeto boys and I will pen (as opposed to pencil) into our itinerary as soon as we know the dates.

The point I have been very slowly coming to is that I got a few hours on the water this past Sunday and things seem to be progressing on a very similar timetable to last year. A big flush of rain around the end of November and the Sydney Harbour “eyes” have turned up on cue. My pattern last year involved imitating these “eyes” which are quite small, almost clear, baitfish that are everywhere through the clearer water of the harbour, with a Tiemco Stick Minnow (the Lureandfly.com ultimate favourite).

Now, while I’m certainly not going to fall into the trap of thinking that what happened last year will happen the same this year, the conditions on the weekend were very similar and consequently even though I only had a short time fishing the results were very encouraging fishing reaction baits close to the oyster covered edges of middle harbour.

If you have any inclination to fish this event I would say go for it. It was by far the most enjoyable tournament I did last year and I can’t imagine it will be any different this year and with this being the second year of this format I see there being and even bigger field. Another golden tip if you don’t have a boat would be to go as an observer instead as this will be the cream of the Bream fishing community and 7 hours on the water with one of them will yield more secrets than months would on the water and who knows, you may even be lucky enough to get one of the four of us.

You can read the write-ups from last year’s event here, here, here and here

One response to “2012 Aus Open run up

  1. I agree Josh. It is the event to look at as the blue ribbon.
    It would be a great event to have a crack at it. The idea of testing myself out against the best for the experience would really be something.
    But the entry for it is a bit prohibitive for my budget. I will have to be content with watching the live stream and a few Gamakatsu events in 2012.
    Good fishing over the silly season.
    Craig Ainsworth.

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