School’s out for Summer

"Being able to tie on surface lures should excite any angler worth their salt" - Cicada lures are a great option for the warmer months

You know things are dire when you haven’t visited weather forecasting websites like or or haven’t seen the inside of your boat or kayak for months.  It’s been too long since I’ve fished due to commitments to work and most recently, uni.  Having completed another semester of Uni, the commitment has taken it out of me, most people think that uni students bludge but I can guarantee you that it’s no walk in the park when you work full-time too (and if you have kids and do the same, I have a tonne of respect).

The tandem approach of using crank baits and surface lures is a summer favourite

The challenges to get on the water aren’t just limited to uni students, the challenges of getting on the water are experienced by all of us.  The simplest of things restrict our desired time on the water, as all of us are time poor (it’s all relative) we find ourselves challenged in getting enough time on the water.

Kayaks are perfect for skinny water fishing

I’ll be honest, I hope spring/summer never ends.  It’s no coincidence that the end of a semester of uni falls perfectly in line with the end of dead sticking/blading season and the end of the cold weather, as they both suck!  Being able to tie on surface lures should excite any angler worth their salt and if that doesn’t work, the crankbaits will become more effective over the warmer months.  In saying all of this, I challenge you to tie on your favourite crankbait, shad, surface lure or even a blade or soft plastic if you have to and go fishing.  Summer is the perfect time to get others into fishing too, the fish are more active and the odds increase of getting them onto a fish.

The other huge reason to get them into fishing is to celebrate the fact that I’ve finished another semester of uni!

6 responses to “School’s out for Summer

    • Hi Voy,
      Lure is a Tiemco Tiny Cicada but like a lot of good lures, they are like Hens Teeth… if you mean the one on the right, it’s a real cicada!!!

      Distance Learning through Monash, a post grad marketing degree to be exact.

    • Voy,
      Only place I’ve seen them for the last few years have been in Josh’s tackle box! You might want to check Motackle or someone similar.

    • Voy,

      It may be worth getting hold of some even if they are ugly colours as they are pretty hard to get your hands on them. Then just send them off to be painted. I personally haven’t used him but have only heard good things about Dan from



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