Monday Morning Video…Summer Begins

Aside from my afternoon session with Kendall a few weeks ago on the Gold Coast, it has been quite a few months since I have been out for a fish.

The last time was actually September 11, when Josh and I fished the Sydney Harbour Bream Classic.  At this time, we struggled to raise a bite cranking the edges like we love to do (Josh wrote about it here).

Last weekend after 3 months on the sideline, I received a late call up on the Saturday afternoon from good friend of, Bernard “King” Kong.  Bernie just landed back in Australia from his wedding overseas the day before and was keen for a fish so we decided to enter the BETS Sydney Harbour event on the Sunday.  Let me just say – despite the weather it appears summer has begun, it was crankbaits all day long and one of the most enjoyable days fishing I’ve had for a while, especially after a very slow winter.

2 responses to “Monday Morning Video…Summer Begins

    • Hi Matt,

      I am using the Caldia 2004, 2500 and 2506 reels on all my Daiwa rods at the moment including the TMX guided, Black Label, TMZ Interline, Spellbinder and Steez models. In this clip I am using the Daiwa TMX Guided 702 ULFS with the 2004 Caldia. Hope this helps.

      Ian Seeto

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