Time for some wild Bass…

With all four of us having busy schedules it tends to be quite hard for all of us to get together and go fishing at the same time. Even more rare is the time that it’s not in a tournament environment.

We have managed however to put together one last trip for the year and it’s going to be a big one. The four of us, partners, kids and a few other friends have booked a weekend on the south coast, Bass fishing out of a base camp called Coolendel on the upper Shoalhaven river in the Hobies.

With all the rain that is coming down around NSW at the moment it should prove an interesting challenge to see if all of us can really get on top of a pattern in the four or five sessions we will get to fish. I have a feeling we can expect dirty water but while this can put many anglers off at first, like fishing in windy conditions, dirty water is another thing I have learned not only to deal with but to like.

Don’t get me wrong, if the water looks like coffee and visibility is less than a few centimetres, you are going to have a tough time. On the flipside though is fishing water that is too clear. The fish can see you. They get a good look at your lures and you usually need to use silly light line and get smoked by the fish you do hook.

I’m looking forward to our weekend away and expect to see a whole lot of pics, videos and articles coming soon after and all going well and the fishing being good, we might even try some wacky new techniques in those hard to reach spots on a wild river.

2 responses to “Time for some wild Bass…

  1. Josh, try fishing upstream of Coolendel downstream tends to get flogged if you launch at Sandy Beach and paddle upstream to the pool above Bugong Creek this pool is shallow but produces good fish at this time of the year I will be working this weekend. Otherwise I could have taken you further upstream to a place where I have access to private property. But we can do that another time. I had fish on the River about a week and a half ago fishing with both fly and lures with the best being a small popper fly with some dangling legs. Have fun hope you catch a few.
    Cheers, Darryl

    • Thanks for the tip Darryl. We’ll ceratinly give it our best shot this weekend and with any luck I can show the Seeto brothers some real topwater Bass action to have them soiling their drawers at the kind of surface strikes only a wild Bass can deliver 🙂

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