The Rising Sea Levels

The weekend that just passed saw an opportunity for me to spend some time on the water, after a long and boring winter where I had the choice of soaking soft plastics and hopping blades or sitting and studying for hours (a battle of which is least boring).  To sum it up, I hate winter!

Crank baits and top water will hopefully be the norm for the next few months as I try to soak up as much of the warmth that the sun can pump out and as a bonus, about this time every year, we’re fortunate enough to get some massive tides.The tide charts indicated a mid morning high tide, perfect for throwing surface lures towards the edges.  The high tide presents a couple of opportunities, the fish get to swim into areas that are not always accessible, presenting a limited time frame for the fish and the angler.  These areas offer the fish the chance to dig up the crabs and worms in the area and will often have small bait fish that have been schooled into the shallows by bigger predators, making for a perfect chance to get some casts into this skinny water.

This year’s Christmas weekend tides are predicted to be massive, this will mean that areas that may see water only a handful of times a year, will be underwater and exposed to fish.  This may mean pushing water further into your favourite set of mangroves, up the rocky bank your normally fish or into areas that you (and everyone else for that matter) may not fish at all.

The tide and tidal flow is something that I consider whenever I go fishing, whether it be working out the least labour intensive direction to pedal in the Hobie or which of the areas that I normally fish will have the most tidal flow and therefore likely be productive.  For me, the tide is like the heartbeat for fishing as it is absolutely essential.

The odds of me being allowed to fish over the Christmas weekend are pretty slim but it doesn’t mean that I won’t be imagining the massive dark shadows lurking in the shallows of a couple of my favourite banks.  I just hope they can wait till the Australian Open in a couple of weeks time.

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