I have a catalogue…

I have a Phoenix Bass Boat catalogue….As you may well know, I have been following the Phoenix Bass Boats for some time now (read more here) and despite none of these boats having my name on them, I’m pretty excited knowing that there are at least three on the way to Australia.

I’m not really sure what is drawing my attention to these boats and setting them aside from the competition.  It could be the high quality standard features, a long list of unique items like a removable dual console and mass storage capabilities, an excellent marketing team who managed to capture my attention or just that these boats are relatively new bringing some flair to an already competitive market.

Whatever the reason, let me assure you that when they land on Australian shores in the coming months, I’ll be doing everything I can to get a closer look and ride in one of these boats.

For more information about these Phoenix Bass Boats, contact Josh Batterson, owner of Skeeter Boats Australia (exclusive importer of Skeeter Boats to Australia) and www.bassboatshop.com.au as he has also become an Australian Distributor for Phoenix Bass Boats.

2 responses to “I have a catalogue…

  1. I agree! Hence why I ordered one as soon as I got the chance, the beast is due in late January so if anyone has been looking at these boats and would like to go for a run in one im more than happy to oblige!

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