Be Prepared… (Story and Photos by Marcel Krieger)

Back in the day when I participated in Scouts the motto was ‘be prepared’.  To this day and particularly when planning to fish a tournament or go away on a fishing expedition, the motto serves me well.

It is important if a certain type of lure or colour is working that you are not disadvantaged by having a limited tackle supply to call upon.  Now there are plenty of anglers that go the ultimate extreme, the names of Kris Hickson and Steve Morgan come to mind with plenty of rods on the deck and tackle below.

Making sure that your tackle is up to scratch including all facets; line, hooks etc is also important when travelling away and facilities are few and far between to call upon.

I am planning a trip to remote South Oz in February to hopefully catch some monster Snapper and King George Whiting amongst other piscatorial friends and I have already started planning the arsenal needed for such a mission.

First port of call was to run my eyes over my lure supply and upgrade some of the split rings and trebles on bass lures to singles.  Make sure I have plenty of squid jigs including some of the new Live Yamashita jigs and extra weights in case we are fishing deep.  I have a collection of larger plastics and jigheads for the jewies and metal slugs for the salmon.  I purchased some Shimano Lucanis and Daiwa Bay Rubber jigs in various weights and colours for the Snapper and have an array of various fluorocarbon leader that will assist me in any situation.

Finally not your normal bream gear but a collection of rods and reels including my Steez Hot Dog with 2500 Certate and Samurai 502 with a 3500 Daiwa Certate HD should be able to pull the most arduous reef fish from the depths below.

So whether it is a tournament that can ultimately take you to the winner’s podium or a boy’s fishing mission far from home, make sure you plan appropriately and have the right gear, right lure with sharp hooks that will land you a fish of a lifetime.  Most importantly make sure you enjoy yourself and keep safe.

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