Tom’s double hookup! The smile says it all…

If you’re looking for a fun easy option to get your kids into fishing over the summer, topwater definitely has to be the way to go.

It’s visual and exciting, two qualities that combat your biggest enemies when it comes to fishing with kids – Short attention span and boredom.

There are a stack of surface lures out there that don’t require any great skill to use.  Depending on the skill level of the kids, “walk the dog” style lures and even poppers to some extent are probably not ideal.

My favourite lure for this kind of fishing is the RIver to Sea Buggi Pop.  It has a large front bib that creates its own wobbling, blooping action when wound on a slow straight retrieve – perfect for fishing with kids.

At Coolendel on the weekend, Tom had a great little session using this lure.  We fished for about an hour in the evening, and there was no shortage of swirls and boils by the little bass.  This was adequate to keep him amused,  and the fact that he managed to catch seven fish was a bonus.

The highlight was when he hooked two fish on the one lure! Quite frankly it was probably the worst cast he made for the evening, over the top of a tree, and the lure plopped into the water on the other side.

The first fish struck as soon as the lure hit the water, and while he was “tea-bagging” the fish as we tried to figure out how we were going to retrieve it, a second boil under the lure resulted in the second hookup!

It made for a classic Father-Son moment…

9 responses to “Tom’s double hookup! The smile says it all…

  1. Great photos and story. It would be great if I could get my son out there with me.
    Does anyone have any ideas to help my son learn how to cast. While he loves catching fish he struggles with coordination involved in casting. I have broken the skill down into rod work to get the timing and reel work but he still struggles. I am being too teacherish here and is there a simplier way to teach kids to cast??
    Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Craig – Scott’s suggestion (below) of a spincast reel is a great idea. I’m up at Port over the New Year and have one I can bring up for you to try if you like.

      Personally, I’ve just persisted with the kids and standard spin gear. As I’ve said before, I generally don’t fish when I take them out (though more recently with my older two, they can fend for themselves), and devote the time to assisting them.

      I’ll either cast for Ben (the youngest), or guide him through it. then let them retrieve the lures. You’ll be surprised, but they pick it up pretty quickly. Anja and Tom are very capable now, even seated in a kayak.

      Merry Christmas Mate. May see you up North…

  2. Get him a old school closed face reel. I got my son one when he was 3yrs old and loves it. He is now 6 and still catching fish on it. They are trouble free and just great for the little ones. The push button casting set up helps control the cast as they can stop it mid flight.

    • Great advice Scott. Although I’ve persisted with the spin gear with my kids, the spincast outfits are definitely easier to use and perfect for kids.

      Anja wrote a “review” on one this time last year after a tournament we did together at Glenbawn…

      Cheers, Greg

  3. Great little article and wonderful pics! The smile on Tom tells the best story.

    Getting kids into fishing is wonderful. I’ve found that my son Sam loves the water and will last a considerable amount of time, especially when you prepare lots of food. Water and kids=hungry kids. So always pack way to much food and let them go for it.

    Getting them onto fish early is vital, so choose a target species you know you have a good chance of landing quickly. Even if they don’t get one but you do helps.

    Casting! One thing I’ve learnt with Sam in practice helps. When I gave him his first rod and spin reel when he was five, and I get him to practice casting out the front. First it was to just get it to the road, then across, then hitting the light pole. I made casting jigs for him, by cutting the bend of the hook off a jig head and super glueing a plastic to it. I started him off with 1/8oz then progressively got lighter.

    To encourage him I’d practice too! Although I quickly gave the spin gear away during practice time, as he thought I was to good. So I crack out the bait caster and practice with it. (which I’m pretty rusty with).

    This practice brought his skill level up very quickly and now at the age of 8 I confidently stand at the front of the boat and not worry about a hardbody hitting me in the head.

    Top tips! Give them their own gear, hand me down stuff is always good! Practice together. Lots of food when you hit the water. And a target species that will yield quick results.



  4. Hi Greg,
    Ingrid here from Hobie. We LOVE this article!!! Can we post your very cute son’s picture on our Facebook page?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Ingrid Niehaus
    Hobie PR Director

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