Bulls on Parade

For those of you that didn’t catch this link floating around Facebook in the last week, check out the awesome videography in this Redfish on surface flies out of the States.

Having been lucky enough to catch Reds while I was living in the US, let me tell you they are an amazing fish species that embody every  quality you could ask for in a sport fish. They can be caught from way up the back of estuaries to the open ocean, in barely enough water to cover their backs to deep water, respond to surface lures down to deepwater techniques. They grow big, fight hard and can be targetted year round. If only they jumped when hooked they may be the perfect sportfish.

If the Hobie Worlds target Redfish next year our Aussie anglers should do fairly well as the do have more in common with Bream than Largemouth Bass fishing does.

2 responses to “Bulls on Parade

  1. are you waving the wand much josh? The tarpon up here have been going off – mainly on surface flies 🙂
    Chris H

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