Aim High

It’s always important to have goals. Whether they be small immediate goals or longer term, more lofty goals. When your going fishing for the day you really should have a specific target fish in mind as your goal but the same way prevailing conditions can change your target fish on any given day, conditions can change your longer term goals too.

And so it is I have come to my goals for 2012. If you had talked to me six months ago my response would have been totally different but things change and so do your goals. As far as species goes, the list would read as usual for me, sweetwater species top the list with an emphasis on getting a good cod or two this year, bass as always with a bit more of a lean towards wild fish in the rivers, trout proved to be a lot of fun last year and will be a part of this year. In the salt I’d like to get up to speed with kingfish in the harbour a little more and tracking down those elusive EP’s in the Hawkesbury.

The big goal for the year however is to do with the Hobie Kayak tournaments this year. Being around the Hobie Kayak events last year I had a lot of fun with the ‘yak crowd and having seen how the Hobie Worlds ran at Port Mac my lofty goal for 2012 is to do my best to qualify for the Worlds in the USA this year. Yep, no point in aiming for second I guess…..

As far as I understand it there are 4 qualifying events and 4 spots available for qualification. Now whether it’s the highest placed unqualified angler or the top four based on points after the four rounds I don’t know, but looking at where they are around the country I’m going to assume it’s the top placed unqualified angler.

To me, that means a bit of a shift in mentality. Usually I’m looking to fill a bag and do well but top 5 or 10 isn’t going to be worth much of anything to me in these particular rounds and I’m thinking an all or nothing, swing for the fences approach may be the way for me to go.

I know it’s aiming fairly high and I’m sure Chris will shake his head at my publically stating my goal but in the end I think it’s better to aim high and fall a little short than to aim low and always achieve it.

3 responses to “Aim High

  1. Bugger swinging for the fences. Catch a limit in those four events and you’ll be well on the radar. Start swinging after there’s three in the well.

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