The road to AGS…

I’ve been sitting on this for a while now. I had something typed up about 6 weeks ago but was put in a holding pattern until the Daiwa site was ready. In a nutshell, Daiwa have developed a new material for making guides on rods that is ridiculously light and sensitive compared to anything else available.

For those of you that watched the live stream of the Aus open you would have heard Brad Sissens from Daiwa talking about them just before the weigh in. For those that didn’t, AGS stands for “Air Guide System” and Brad is currently involved in designing a range of rods using AGS specifically for the Australian market and to give you an idea, there were multiple prototypes with different rod tapers made to be tested that came in back when I originally wanted to post this up.

The good part for all you readers is that the four of us are going to get first hand experience testing these prototypes and the whole thing will be posted both here on and on the Daiwa site as Brad wants to do a blog about the development and run up to their release.

One of the coolest stats I have heard about AGS is that an entire set of guides weighs less than a normal metallic stripper guide on the same rod. Check out more of the info here and stay tuned for’s take on these rods.

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