Nelson kayak round wrap up

True to the statement of my goal to try and qualify for the Hobie Worlds this year, I made the long drive from Sydney to Nelson this weekend just gone to compete and although I did miss out on making the cut, it was a great weekend and a lot of fun being on the competitor side rather than the organising side of the kayak tournaments this year.

One of the main reasons I went was that the Glenelg river had been described to me as similar to Middle Harbour and the Hawkesbury river as far as structure and ways of effectively fishing go and it didn’t disappoint.

Prefish was amazing (which isn’t always a good thing), everywhere I went I caught good Bream and immediately changed lures and moved to a different area which lead to more fish caught and more confidence in what I was doing and the lures I was selecting. A truly conservative estimate would have been a 2kg bag for three fish with four fish caught over 30cm to the fork and all of them fat. I was amazed to find nearly all of the rest field struggled.

Rather that make this into a huge blow by blow account of the two days on the water I’ll simply say that weather played it’s part in making it harder for the comp days (50kmh winds on day 1 and blue skies and no wind on day 2). I weighed two fish each day and ended up in 6th place which isn’t bad for someone who had only caught two Black Bream before this weekend. The best part of the weekend for me, fishing wise, was the confidence I felt while on the water. Both days I felt very focused and very confident each cast was being eyed by a fish, which is something I lacked most of last year other than the Aus Open.

The other great part was hanging out with a big group of the core yakkers who are a bunch of great guys and there were plenty of stories that could come just from that but thats for another time…….. maybe

I have to say a big thanks to Scott from Scott Lovig Hobie in Mornington for loaning me a Pro Angler for the weekend and let you know to check out the tricked out, wrapped PA he is running now. As always, donate 25% of anything we win to the Cancer Council so $47.50 will go to them this week.

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