Dry Tackle – Silica Gel Packs

I’m pretty sure anybody who has owned fishing tackle has encountered the dilemma of rusty tackle in tackle boxes.  Being quite particular about my tackle, I quite often got annoyed about any jig heads, hooks or lures which developed rust on them.

I would have to continually remove any of the culprit pieces from the tackle boxes or replace trebles and split rings on the lures affected.  Some time ago I came across a solution which quite a few guys I know use as well and it seems to be successful in keeping moisture out of the tackle trays.

Use of a desiccant such as silica gel packs will assist as they can absorb moisture from within an area.  Since I have been using them it has greatly reduced the amount of moisture and therefore rusty tackle within my trays.  These Silica gel packs are almost always found in packaging containing electronics and are also often found in packaging when buying items such as shoes and bags (guys, check your wives cupboards).  Give it a go, it is definitely something worth trying.

16 responses to “Dry Tackle – Silica Gel Packs

  1. I know they come in shoe boxes and other consumer related product packaging but where do we buy them in bulk packs so that we can use them with our tackle???

    • Good find Matthew. With my ever increasing tackle collection, I’m always looking for more. They seem cheap enough, I may just buy them from now on.


  2. Its a great idea guys I’ve been using it for years and ask relos and friends to put the aside for us every now and then cheers Rich

  3. Great idea, what else I find interesting is how many lures you have crammed into one tray, tackle junkies for sure.

    • Todd,

      The only reason I can cram so many into each tray is because I use the treble covers. Without them I’d probably only put a few in each compartment.


    • Richard,

      At the moment I’m using whatever I get my hands on, I even have some 25gram sized satchels which go in my camera bags. However, I think either the 1/2 or 1 gram satchels will be fine.


  4. hehehe my misses just sore my last post and brought me some dry cell satchles hehehe,
    must have felt sorry for me or just embarressed hehehe

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