Palmfishing & Outdoors – Palmbaits

Selection of 'Palmbaits' ready for painting.

I have previously written a DIY article about painting lures here, in that article I only briefly touched on purchasing unpainted lure bodies from the USA and after numerous follow up messages and emails from readers I did a little more research and came across a great little business in Australia selling unpainted lure bodies. have a selection of ‘Palmbaits’ ranging from 30mm to 100mm, deep diving to topwater, each packaged with a set of stick on eyes which usually need to be purchased separately.

These lures appear to be significantly better in quality than the previous purchases I have made from the USA, not too mention they are cheaper.  Check back soon to find out how I paint these lures and how they perform.  Alternatively go to and check out their products for yourself.

My favourite looking Palmbait - 50mm Shallow Diver

One response to “Palmfishing & Outdoors – Palmbaits

  1. keen to see how they swim and eventually look mate! I’ve always loved the idea of a completely 100 % original colour strain. cool stuff!

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