Lure Junkie – Trebles

The Owner ST-36 has a thicker gauge than the Decoy, Gamakatsu and Owner ST-11

After a fairly hectic start to the tournament season, my boat, rods and reels are due for some love but one thing that I haven’t overlooked are my lures.  Trebles are something that I tend to be very diligent with, I make a habit of changing the trebles of every lure I use after every session.  Sure it can get expensive but the possible outcome of less than optimum trebles can cost fish and it’s not like we fish because it’s a good and cost effective hobby.

I picked up this habit after spending some time with plenty of hardbody junkies.  There is plenty of justification for changing them so regularly, mainly it is a corrosion and the dulled hook points and weakened state that can follow from corrosion but dulled hooks can be caused by snags, rocks and fish after a long session.  Not leaving anything to chance, for that reason I change my trebles.

Storage is another factor that can weaken hook points, especially if you aren’t using treble covers.  Using treble covers prevents a lot of the bumping and scraping that happens in tackle storage and the added advantage is that lures don’t tangle and are much more accessible.

Saltwater contributes to an increase in corrosion

One thing that is an advantage for me is that I am forced to change the trebles that are often supplied with small bream lures with either Decoy YS-25s, Gamakatsu TWGs or even the Owner ST-11s.  I prefer these trebles for different reasons, whether it be a wider gape, stronger treble, sharper hook point or better penetration, they each have their distinct advantage over the commonly used Owner ST-36.

Something I have seen in the past and stress not to overlook is the use of corroded, bent or broken trebles.  Don’t straighten bent trebles or continue using broken trebles, all it will take is that missed hit or straightened or broken hook on a once in a lifetime fish to realise the impact of laziness.

5 responses to “Lure Junkie – Trebles

  1. I hear you Chris I pretty consiounces about my trebles too I tend to change often also cause it a hit or miss and I don’t hit the water as much as I should but when I do all my gunn go lures are ready for my next trip split rings and all if needed I use to love the UL11’s but they get destroyed to easy but the sharpest points ever wow do they hurt lol😖 poor fish but lucky angler and the gamas TWG are also gunn too
    As for the decoys aswell but as for changing them it’s a must as you stated Chris could be that fish of a life time you could lose over shonky or blunt hooks that you’d be kicking yourself all you need is a good set light gauge treble pincers and patience😉

    I want to shout out to all you guys (Greg,Ian,Chris & Josh)that do a terrific job on this site well done fellars you do us a more confidence of going about things when we’re on the water next 👍👍

    Peace Rich

    • Hey Rich,
      The ULs are a “one use only” hook for me. By the time you get them out of a fish, they resemble more of a split ring than treble hook. It can get pretty frustrating when the fish are small but I’m more than happy to replace them after hooking better fish. Funnily enough, I’ve never had a fish straighten or break a UL before I could land it, probably a combination of the “softly, softly” approach I prefer and not hooking any real monsters lately.

      Thanks for the compliment too, it’s good to hear that people benefit from our words and I hope that you continue to take away little snippets of information.

      Chris Seeto

      • Just to try and butt in and give my two cents, I fished my Ecogear CX35’s and Shallow Chubbies with UL trebles all weekend at SGB and agree that they are definitely a “one use only”. Which can be a pain when you have choppers and flathead mixed in but I would say 5 of the 6 fish I weighed were only lip hooked very lightly and would have been less confident with heavier gauge hooks. Also, I can attest to catching big bream on UL trebles as the 1.37 came on them too.

  2. Chris,

    Really enjoying your website I have only just started lure fishing for bream and have learnt alot. Out of curiosity what do you do with your old trebles. I get the feeling your used trebles are probably better than some of the trebles on my lures. All the best for your fishing.

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for the reply and I’m stoked that you are enjoying the site.

      My old trebles generally get put into a section in a tackle tray until it either gets raided by other anglers or put into an old drink bottle, then thrown in the bin.

      The Owners that come standard on most bream lures are put aside for “desperate times” when I’ve run out of Decoys, Gamas and ULs, which rarely happens.


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