Forster calling…

A trip up to Forster is just two weekends away and I am really looking forward to the challenge of tangling with big angry Bream in oyster racks.

This year I have opted to leave the boat at home again and test my skills amongst the kayak community.  This same event last year was my introduction to kayak tournament fishing and the transition from boat to kayak for me was bigger than most may think.  To say I have learnt a lot about kayak fishing since then would be an understatement.  I am hoping that I will be able to take away from some of these learnings and improve on my top 10 finish from last year.

Although I will be up in Forster on the pre fish day, I’m not certain I will be able to get out on the water for a fish.  With this in mind and having no idea about the current fishing conditions, I have already established what I hope to be a fail-safe plan.

Picking a route of about 14-16kms, I will fish with the run of the tide to cover as much ground as possible.  What is important in the run I have chosen is the different types of available structure which I will be able to fish and hopefully change between to quickly establish a pattern if my plan of fishing racks for the weekend fails.

3 responses to “Forster calling…

  1. Heading there next week for the annual family trip. Lost a dozen top waters in one session last year, however made it up for things the following day by fiishing 10lb braid with 12ld leaders. Managed a couple over the 1 kg mark, best was a 1.4 kg

    Boy that place holds some keggers’ cheers Cams

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