Marine Maintenance – Value for Money

A good mechanic is rarely the cheap mechanic and all too often people directly associate ‘value for money’ with the price tag.  If you can build a good relationship with your mechanic, whether it be automotive or marine, they will soon understand your specific needs and assist you to understand what to and what not to look out for which may be cries for attention.

If you are going to do regular travel with your boat in tow, apart from your regular vehicle servicing, you would expect your mechanic to pay particular attention to things like your cooling system, transmission, tyres, steering and suspension among other things.  Likewise your mechanic would pay particular attention to wheel bearings, lights and brakes on your trailer.  Personally, I travel 300+ kms to have my regular boat engine maintenance done.  Why?  Well firstly, even as a qualified marine mechanic, I cannot perform work on my own engine as this would void any warranty.  Secondly, my mechanic has the experience and understanding of what is required in terms of reliability and performance from my tournament boat giving me that piece of mind.

When establishing a relationship with your mechanic, one of the most important things is for you to clearly communicate what your expectations and requirements are.  Once a strong relationship has been developed, advice and help is quite often only a phone call away (even on weekends and at odd hours) and you will soon realise that ‘value for money’ goes far beyond the initial price tag.

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