Sceale Bay S.A – What a week! (Story and images by Marcel Krieger)

Well, what a week away in Sceale Bay (pronounced Scale) on the Eyre Peninsula in South Oz.  We travelled approx 1400kms about 17 hours straight through after work on Friday from Geelong through Adelaide to this remote town near Streaky Bay S.A.

Check out the video here. Nine of us, with three boats had a house for the week opposite the boat ramp that leads out into the Great Australian Bight, home of the Great White.  We had fine weather conditions and by Saturday afternoon soon after arriving had hit the water and were pulling in some of the huge King George Whiting that this area is known for.

Our hosts Drew and Sherron MacKenzie from Surfin Sceales Beach house are fantastic friendly people who soon gave us some GPS marks and skirts that they had been catching some Southern Blue Fin Tuna on.

Unlike most of the tournament fishing I have become accustom to over the years, I made sure I took some Kwells and we headed 20kms offshore to troll some lures around these marks.

Trolling for tuna with teasers and skirts is relatively new to me and I was soaking all this piscatorial knowledge up like a sponge.  We were soon onto fish averaging 15-20kg which is actually small when you consider some of the Southern Blue Fin Tuna caught off the Victorian Coast go well over 100kg.  However, these balls of muscles hit hard and double sometimes triple hook ups cause plenty of adrenalin fuelled moments on the boats.

Several days of this action with plenty of time to come back into the bay and drift for some calamari out from the ramp gave us plenty of food to munch down over a cold beer.  Mmmm, salt and pepper squid, whiting, chips and salad.

We tried some bottom bouncing and picked up several Nannygai with their huge heads and eyes they are quite a weird looking fish.  The infinite amount of wrasse and leatherjackets some make short work of your plastics, happy to crunch a Lucanis jig, Daiwa Bay Rubber or devour a Jackall Transam.

The Humminbird Sounder with a Navionics card is a must.  So often when trolling we would travel over a bait school look out the back and bang – a hook up.  Mark the spot and travel slowly back around to try again.   It also helped when back in the bay picking up the sand away from the reef where we could anchor and haul in some whiting and flathead.

So if you ever get a chance to fish this picturesque piece of the coast or get out offshore to experience something new, jump at the chance.  Just make sure you are well prepared to enjoy all the action packing sunscreen, hat and water as well as the Kwells.

One response to “Sceale Bay S.A – What a week! (Story and images by Marcel Krieger)

  1. Is that a squid or is that a squid great stuff I was in that part of the world almost a year from now magic coastline hopefully to do a trip with the mrs at Arno Bay towards the end of the year.

    Cheers Rich👍

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