, DAIWA and ABT Shave for Charity…

Ok, many of you have been witness to that hideous thing growing on Josh’s face that he calls a BEARD!  No I’m not jealous that I can’t grow one – except for those 5 “Fu Man” whiskers on my chin. But having to watch him lick it, stroke it and curl it is just not cool…

This weekend at the  ABT Megabream Event at Forster Josh will shave off that monstrosity for charity.  We will be taking Donations at the weigh in site for our official NSW Cancer Council Do Your Thing Event.  All proceeds will go towards our goal of raising $5000 in this tournament season (remembering that we donate 25% of any tournament cash winnings to the cause).

If you won’t be at Forster, you can still make a contribution directly at our Do Your Thing Event page 


One response to “, DAIWA and ABT Shave for Charity…

  1. Haha its become popular Greg taliban stuff, ten commandment or the retro grizzly Adams all he needs is Ben the bear also get some Tabac aftershave its very menagé lol sorry Joshua just having a little dig my bad❕

    Also all the very best to all you guys competing at Forster hope you brain em😉

    Regards Rich👍

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