Josh’s MegaBream, MegaShave

After another successful Megabream, Hobie Forster State Title and BETS Forster round in the can, the events were able to tick off another check box by getting Josh Carpenter from to shave off his hideous beard… all in the name of charity of course.

The team, in conjunction with ABT, Daiwa, Hobie and BETS, collected gold coin donations from anglers, spectators and ABT themselves to raise a massive $467.35 for the NSW Cancer Council.

Reluctantly Josh parted company with his beard after 6 months.  Baby-Faced Carpenter said “At least it was for a good cause”. With his donation being randomly selected, Shaun Chapman had the honours of taking the first hairs off Josh’s face and was presented with a Daiwa Z200 courtesy of Daiwa Australia for his troubles.

Although the beard is gone, you can still make a donation at and follow the “do your thing” link.  So far in 2012 have donated $2039.85 with a goal to raise $5000 before the end of the year, so jump on and pledge your support for this very worthy cause.

Thanks to the following for your valuable contributions over the weekend.

Port Macquarie Bream Classic – Dave Poulton
Mark Gercovich
Daniel Brown
Jim Hickson
Karen Scully
Richard Somerton
Dennis Brooking
David Williamson
Karen Fontaine
Michael Starky
Michelle Carmody
Peter Woods
Dave Wagner
Kris Hickson
Mark O’Dell
Sid Frost
Mark Thompson
Shaun Chapman
Nick Meredith
Rhonda McMahon
Rob Chambers
Ben Leggett
Brian Rutledge
Curtis Chalker
Jenny White
Sophie Burnitt
Ben Seeto
Luca Seeto
Thomas Seeto
Tom Hawkins
Amander Stammers
Amy Stammeas
Bill Woods
Carmen Pike
Gale Hickson
John Schubert
Kerry Brooking
Krista Melbourne
Melinda Russell
Millie Chalker
Ron Melbourne

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