Beware the Wounded Warrior (Story and photos by David Poulton)

We all have our favourite lures, and some sit closer to the heart than others. I love surface lures, thats no secret and none are more loved than the Bassday Sugapen and the Tiemco Pencil Minnow.

In the current climate of custom colours and anglers designing their own, personally I like the ‘wounded warriors’. Basically these are proven fish takers, with the war wounds to show. Scratched, dented and hardly resembling the pristine lure that came out of the packet. You know the one you looked at in the tackle shop, and said “That’s a good colour!” Well once its been into battle a few times that angler attracting colour disappears and the hidden warrior beneath is revealed.

I like the ‘Wounded Warrior” for three simple reasons:

  1. They are tried, tested and proven to catch fish.
  2. They emit confidence when I tie them on, simply because of the first reason.
  3. When throwing a top water lure, your either trying to imitate a fleeing prawn or a wounded bait fish, and these battered old warriors are well and truly scarred.

These two lures depicted in these images are old, and have been through many sets of trebles and I suppose are lucky ones. As many lures are lost due to a variety of reasons. Poor angler management, wayward casts or cranky fish who decide to take your lure. How these two lures have survived I don’t really know. I’m just glad they have and I’ll keep casting them until they go the way of many lures. I only hope its dignified like being hooked on a fish that I just can’t stop!

I still shake my head when I hear anglers say “I’m saving that lure!”, that’s just about the stupid as buying a burger from a fast food outlet and girl/guy saying “Thanks, see you later” as if they are coming around for dinner that night. If its in the tackle box it aint going to catch any fish.

So break out the lures cast your arm off and get some scratches on them. As the wounded warrior is possibly the best lure you’ve ever owned.

David Poulton is a father of two from the NSW Mid North Coast, whose love of fishing has spanned over thirty years. A self confessed light tackle junkie, his piscatorial passion has led him into the field of angling journalism, and he is a regular contributor to Fishing Monthly and the Tournament Angler Guide. For the past nine years David has run the Port Macquarie BREAM Classic. This event  is the longest running bream classic in the country and still holds the record for the largest ever field of boats at a bream tournament. 

4 responses to “Beware the Wounded Warrior (Story and photos by David Poulton)

  1. Have to agree 100% with the confidence a ‘proven performer’ can emit when the chips are down….. Nice read cheers!

  2. God read Dave. As you say there is nothing like a good tooth mark in proving a lure works.

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