The ‘Bird’ has landed

If you were at Forster a couple of weekends ago, there is a chance you may have seen Steve Morgan’s new Phoenix Bass Boat.  Phoenix is the latest brand of Bass Boat to hit Australian shores.  Steve’s Phoenix is one of the first in the country and the first to hit the Australian tournament scene.  I have been very excited about these boats coming to Australia, written about them a couple of times before on and if you haven’t been able to tell from my previous ramblings, these boats would be right at the top of my list if I were to buy another bass boat.

Lucky for me, while at Forster the other week for the MegaBream, Hobie Kayak and BETS rounds, I happened to be at the boat ramp on the practice day when Steve was about to put his boat back onto the trailer.  Keen to have a look at his boat I kindly offered my assistance.  While Steve went and got his car and trailer from the car park I volunteered to look after his boat for him.  Taking a very quick sneak peak through the boat for a few minutes, I was very impressed at what I saw.  The quality of the boat lived up to everything I had read and seen on the internet and it looks as though Phoenix Boats may have taken a leaf out of Ranger Boats book.  Fittings to finish, everything seemed really well thought out.  From the layout of the rod storage in the rod locker, finish of the storage hatches and bilge area, right through to the soft spongy carpet and the standard creature comforts that come with the boat.  One of the features that first attracted me to the Phoenix Boats was the innovative idea of a removable passenger console, which from all reports takes less than 1 minute to remove or install.  However Phoenix didn’t stop there, they have also made the consoles completely enclosed, not only keeping all the wiring out of harms way, it also appears to make the console less bulky underneath giving me the perception that there is more leg room.  If this is noticeable for a person like me, weighing in at 60kgs wringing wet, then this must be a good thing for most people out there.


To be honest I only looked around the boat for 1 or 2 minutes, because I realised Steve would be about 5 minutes getting his car and trailer from the car park and any longer looking around the boat would mean that I wouldn’t be able to take the boat for a sneaky run up the river and back. I’m still very curious as to how the boat will handle in the rough water but running in this boat at Forster through the ripping current was an instant wow.  Probably due to the lithionic system for both the cranking and trolling motor batteries, this boat pops onto a plane so quickly it’s almost unbelievable.  Like the Stratos, Phoenix’ not too distant cousin, this boat rides comfortably and very flat and also demonstrated something I have not really experienced from a bass boat before – the ability to corner as tight, flat and fast as this boat did.  Despite leaving Steve waiting at the boat ramp awaiting my return, my time behind the wheel of this boat was very limited (this time) and I’m definitely keen to get some more seat time soon.

One response to “The ‘Bird’ has landed

  1. What beautiful looking water craft I’ve seen some specs on on YouTube as Aaron Martin has one many congrats on your new rig Steve.


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