Lure Junkie – The day we raided Steve Morgan’s tackle box

Don’t tell Steve Morgan but stole some of his lures.  It was a team effort but while Greg and Ian distracted Steve, Josh and I raided his stick bait tackle box and stole some of the new Shinku’s from Austackle.  These lures were designed to provide another weapon in the arsenal, to sit beside the mighty Tiemco Stick Minnow.  The Shinku is 2mm smaller, has a similar action and application to the Stick Minnow.

While in Marlo for the recent Kayak World Qualifier, I was chatting with Dean Gamble about these new lures and he mentioned that a bunch of lures were being flown into the country, to do some final field testing before being released to the general public.  With that in mind, we knew that Steve would have secured some of these limited numbers and the plan was hatched!

As Josh mentioned in a previous article, the real draw to these lures, is the small lure.  Downsizing baits is an age old technique for getting fish to bite.  The 38mm Shinku falls into that category.  Josh’s description of “bubblegum in hair” best describes the advantage of small (read: smaller than 40mm) stick baits and the Shinku’s tight shimmy action when sinking, combined with some promising colours, means that these baits will be a killer on bream.

Stick baits are something I rely on during the cooler months and the arrival of the Shinku’s will fall perfectly in line with the dropping water temperatures.  The technique I use mostly is casting them under moored boats or pontoons and letting them sink.  The cast is the most important part, not too far away but make sure you don’t bang into the structure either.

We only managed to steal away 3 lures, all a different colour and if you haven’t worked it out, there are 4 of us at… so we’ll have to make one more trip into Steve’s tackle box to make sure we all have at least one.

8 responses to “Lure Junkie – The day we raided Steve Morgan’s tackle box

    • Hi Blair,
      No fish yet but I have used them briefly. Would have to say that the only difference between the Stick Minnow and Shinku is the size and colours, neither of those elements are an issue.

      Definitely something that I could see in my regular rotation.


    • Benny,
      As Jon mentioned, hit up your local tackle store. As it gets colder, I’ll be using these around moored boats.


  1. chase up your local tackle shop benny, if they don’t have them get on their back, awesome little lures at a very competitive prices, chris come and see me at Gippsland

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