Aus Open Prefish – Running Repairs (Video)

The first quarter of 2012 has now officially passed and although this year’s Aus Open is probably a distant memory to most, I still quite often think about it – So far it is the most memorable tournament of my fishing career. If you have read or watched some of the content we have published here at about this year’s Aus Open, you’ll know that there were some good and bad experiences encountered, not just by me, but also by Chris and Greg (If you haven’t read or watched, click here for to find out more).  Going through my fishing media last weekend, I stumbled across some GoPro footage from the practice day that I completely forgot I took.  Watching back through the footage was quite interesting and reinforces to myself how relaxed I was leading up to and right through the tournament and despite the result, it probably explains why I enjoyed fishing this particular tournament so much.  Really, I could have just done a quick on water temporary fix and kept fishing but instead I went the whole nine yards.  A trip to Whitworths with the boat in tow and having to find a parking spot on Victoria Rd.  All of this to buy a new circuit breaker, Anderson plugs and shrink tube.

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