Dusting off the loud expensive toys

Image Courtesy Paul Barkley

Six months ago the Seeto brothers were a little worried we weren’t getting much use out of the kayaks. “Don’t worry” I told them as soon as it warms up a bit, we’ll hardly use the boats for using the yaks instead. I even got to the point where I had my boat up for sale. But with a change in jobs and in living arrangements (yay for space to keep a boat) the time has come to fix up all the little things the boat needs to get it back in action as well.

Two new batteries and a charger from Steve Eldred at Battery Traders in Slacks Creek Brissy were top of the list as an unfortunate byproduct of letting a boat sit idle can be batteries discharging and becoming completely useless.

Next is a nice new fitted travel cover because although my new place to live is completely PIMP! (overlooking the water of St Georges Basin and about 100m from the Basin View boat ramp) It unfortunately doesn’t have a garage.

Third is a new transducer bracket for the one I broke over a year ago and never got around to fixing (get ready fort he phone call Marcel). Last of all will be to drain the six month old fuel from the tanks lest it has destabilised in that time and would only cause more problem and I should be away.

Expect to see the account of my steep learning curve over the cooler months on the Basin as it is a notoriously unreliable place for me having produced the two biggest Bream I have ever caught and a berth in the Hobie Worlds whilst also providing me with my first double donut as a boater in an ABT comp in between.

Come hell or high-water I am going to get my head around the “deep bite” of a currentless, lake type environment.

10 responses to “Dusting off the loud expensive toys

  1. Josh,

    So glad to hear you are still a proud Ranger owner!!!! Best of luck in the new area. Save me a seat on the boat if I ever get over there ok!

    • Yeah, I’m kind of glad I’m keeping it now and there will be a seat for you when you come out.

  2. Great stuff Josh it’s good to see you hung onto your skiff around there I love the canals around Sussex and wandandian creek.


    • Yup, I’m really looking forward to having a proper look around the Basin and find some spots better suited to how I fish and a few deep spots for when they don’t want to play that way.

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